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The Asylum



WARNING! Those with heart conditions should avoid this recording. When the sound levels are at the correct volume, the end of track four can cause heart rhythms to fluctuate.
This recording was commissioned  in  2006 by Lori Carlson,  owner of

Rolling Hills Paranormal Research Center in East Bethany NY.


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The Asylum – One Man’s Journey

A  commissioned work

Enter the mind of one resident of  the Genesee County Alms House, more recently known as Rolling Hills. This journey of sound will give you a glimpse into the emotions and experiences of the 65,000 square foot facility, where over 1700 people met their fate This is an interpretation of one man’s stay at  the facility, spanning several decades, presented as a soundscape. It is meant to be uncomfortable for, as has been stated many times...”this was not a fun place to live”.


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D.R.S. would like to thank  Rolling Hills Paranormal Research Center for their kindness, hospitality and gracious allowances given to us so that we could fully savor, appreciate and respond to the dark voices and experiences in their building, and we wish all the best to to the dedicated individuals who worked  and researched there.  RHPRS 2004 - 2009

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