From his autobiography:


"I was born into this world some years ago, the child of parents who knew not of my eventual struggles. While growing up in a small village in near Bucharest my parents died very suddenly.To avoid their fate I fled my homeland with my young sister.  I became everything to her, and became fully responsible

for her at an early age.

A distant relative lived in London and with sibling in hand I ventured there to start a new life,  for there was nothing left for us. Our new life provided for us well enough, but all of our former trappings of society would have been little comfort without my darling sister by my side, my constant companion…my love.

She was taken from me in a fire at age seven. What happened at that time changed the course of my life forever, and I became a recluse to all that had come before.

What I create now is a soundtrack to the pain I felt the day that I lost my sister, my happiness…my Rose."


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“Without birth there can be no death;
Without death there can be no rebirth.
Without music neither have meaning.
Without love there can be no music”

                                   V. Trandifir