My name is Nadginia Elizabeth Trandifir.

I am a descendent of Yelezaveta Petrovna

who stole the child of her nephew to

 raise him as a true descendent of

Peter the Great.  I am born of that subverted lineage.


I am bred of royalty and bear the secrets of

my family. I was born in St. Petersburg,

but my family was exiled to France when I was very young.


Although estranged from our family,

it would never do to leave us penniless, so we were given a country home outside of a small village where we were expected to keep our distance and our silence. After my parents passed on I was secure with my gardens and cello to keep me company for several years, until one fateful day when I ventured into London.


I had caught wind of a young composer who had a gift for the macabre, and I was intrigued. After the performance, moved to tears, I used my “lesser royal” status to secure an audience with the artist who had put to music all that  I had been feeling from my youth.


His name is Valinor, and from the moment I saw him I knew that we were

destined to be as one.

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"The immortality of

the symphony resides in the soul of the composer"


~Nadjinia Trandifir


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