Music is the erotic expression  of the sacred, and of the secrets we dare not speak aloud.


~Morgan Daltry









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Morgan Daltry -

She seems at once to be not of this place or of this time or to have had any sort of continuous past or connections, evident in her traveling upbringing and ability to pick up and move on whim. She is known to be a disciple of the occult, and at times is feared by those who do not know her,

and sometimes by those who do.


A poet of a dark and brooding nature, she came across Valinor and his beloved Nadjinia through quirky chance. Although seemingly opposite, she sensed a commonality with them, and when asked, agreed to travel for a time with the two lovers. The morbidly pensive Valinor soon caught her muse,  while Nadjinia soothed the dark places in her soul and spoke the same emotional context as she. An alliance

(some say unholy) was soon drawn between the three.


An unspoken tragic event in her past has kept her both mourning and blood-tied to her pursuits in exploring the realm between the living and the dead, expressed in poetic flair and somewhat caustic observations to those around her.


Sometimes disappearing for days at a time with no trace or word, she inevitably returns to the circle of companionship,

vowing her undying protection and kinship to them.


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